International Ceramics Festival

Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th July 2015

Angélica Vásquez Cruz()

I learnt the work which I do in clay from my parents, Ernesto Vásquez and Delfina Cruz, who also learnt it from their parents and so we have passed this on from generation to generation in our family.

My parents say that I began to play with clay at the age of four, making small figures. When I was seven my work went on sale for the first time. These were small toys. Later, when I was ten, I began to help my father with more serious work decorating figures of women for the garden or for sellers. Following this I devised my own figures and so gradually made a name for myself.

I have taken part in state and national competitions, winning the following prizes: prizes for first place, awards, special prizes and commendations. I have also carried out displays and exhibitions, within and outside the country, in Mexico in the city of Oaxaca and in Mexico City, and abroad in such places as New York, Chicago, Los Ángeles California, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Boston, Philadelphia and Texas.

At present the figures I produce are based mainly on the mythology and legends of my own culture. I work with different materials such as stones, clay and earth which we call pastillaje and coloured engobes in clay. I take great pleasure in this because it allows me to show what I feel and think is beautiful about my country (Mexico). I enjoy this and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to show what my hands have shaped, explaining the contents of each piece to any person who may ask or who may be interested both in the creation process and in its meaning.

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