International Ceramics Festival

Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th July 2015

Monika Patuszynska(Poland)

Monika Patuszynska

Monika Patuszynska is a ceramic artist, member of the IAC (International Academy of Ceramics), president of the International Ceramics Symposium “Porcelain Another Way”, committed to casting, presently researching a development which employes the destruction and reassembling of moulds. Recent work balances on the edge between editioned and unique pieces, the main emphasis shifting from the final object to the creative process itself, to material and technique.

“The plaster mould is just a beginning, not as usually happens, the end of the process of creation. I like to let accidents lead me. I like accidents, feeling that they occur when the world turns a blind eye, looses vigilance and reveals the truth about itself.

Slip casting,
Chasing accidents,
Always checking what is through the looking glass.”

At the festival Monika will demonstrate the following techniques: – sawing a mould and breaking it into parts (with an electric saw + chisels & hammer) – reassemling the broken parts and preparing it for casting – casting – casting some moulds prepared earlier – opening the moulds

For more information about Monika’s work, please visit her website: website
The following images show a process that Monika will demonstrate at the 2013 International Ceramics Festival, when she will cast from some of her smashed and reassembled moulds.

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