International Ceramics Festival

Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th July 2015

Niek Hoogland()

I am a potter,
Working with red earthenware clay
Like it has been dug in the region for the last
Three-thousand years
I make pots, tiles and sculptures with that clay.

The potters wheel is my tool…
I like to work as straightforward as the clay allows me.
The softness of the clay, the action of the throwing,
Leaving my mark,
Making it mine.

I make slipware,
Creamy white slip covering the terracotta,
Sgraffito revealing it again.
Brushstrokes and trailed lines
Building up a story

Bring trained as a slipware potter,
Living in a town with a history of ceramics,
I can see my work in a historic perspective.
Without feeling tied to that tradition I can draw from it,
Borrow from it and adapt things.

The directness,
Its humour, its low profile.
Making slipware-ceramics has made me a village potter.
Being a part of a community.
A place in the cycle.

International Ceramics Festival

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