Angela Tait (PhD Symposium)

Angela Tait is a sculptor from the North West, UK. She also lectures in Fine Art at the University of Salford.
Through her PhD research ‘Ceramics and the Domestic Ritual’ she is investigating the relationship which creative practice has with domestic obligations or routine. This is done through a mixed media process which often includes other ‘home’ crafts such as crochet and embroidery, creating sculptural forms which render her ceramic vessels recognisable and sometimes performative yet non-functional in any practical or even decorative manner.

Sculptor Angela Tait is currently conducting PhD research with the University of Sunderland on the subject of, ‘Ceramics and the Domestic Ritual’. From a practice-based perspective, she is investigating the relationship which creative practice has with domestic obligations.

Wash, hang, fold, put away, wear, wash, hang, fold, put away, wear
Cast, fettle, polish, fire, cast, fettle, polish, fire
Shop, cook, eat, shop, cook, eat
Throw, turn, dry, fire, throw, turn, dry, fire

Angela will present her research to date. This includes an overview of the sculptural pieces she had produced so far, a precis of the methods she is using and an excerpt from the experimental writing she is undertaking.
The Blovel (blog/novel) takes the form of a series of diary entries or blog posts covering aspect of the PhD. Always honest, sometimes emotional and occasionally funny, the blovel plots the progress of the PhD journey. The writing sometimes underpins practice by interweaving theory, it follows the personal journey of a researcher and is even used for collecting qualitative data. These texts will eventually form one of Angela’s original contributions whilst functioning as a reflective and practical tool for the time being.

angela tait

Date: June 17, 2019