Higashida Shigemasa (JAPAN)


Higashida Shigemasa has been described as ‘an incomparable landscape artist’ working in ceramics; ‘Verdant green hills, deep blue waters flowing in dramatic swirling patterns – all are characteristics of his best work.’  He turned to ceramics after a brief but successful career as a stock trader at a major brokerage firm. Ceramic school and an apprenticeship with a master potter followed in the 1980s. On stage, he will demonstrate moulding the work using ‘Kurinuki’ (literally ‘dig out’) a technique which is not often seen and which offers strong forms not achievable through throwing (himozukuri) or slab building (tatarazukuri). He will demonstrate on the stage his techniques in making flower vases and plates, and also tea bowls.

Date: October 18, 2020