ICF 2023 Highlights

Thanks to all who joined us in Aberystwyth for the International Ceramics Festival 2023 – what a wonderful weekend filled with world-class artists, a truly international community and all things pottery!

Thanks to all the demonstrators, lecturers and firers who shared their expertise freely and inspired all who attended the festival.

For the first time, the demonstrations in Great Hall were live on the ICF’s social channels – reaching an international audience in real time.

Here are all the live streams from ICF 2023, collated chronologically >>

> Opening Ceremony Friday 30/06

Saturday 01/07

> Grainne Watts

> Sergei Isupov & Adam Keeling

> Halima Cassell

> Thomas Bohle & Sharon Griffin

> Theodora Chorofas

> Zoe Preece & Toni Losey

> Lars Tharp & Jane Hamlyn

> Zoe Preece & Halima Cassell


> Keith Brymer Jones

> Adam Keeling

> Thomas Bohle & Toni Losey

> Sharon Griffin & Theodora Chorofas

> Sergei Isupov & Grainne Watts

> Closing Ceremony