Mick Morgan (WALES)

Mick Morgan

Mick Morgan is a potter and sculptor using Raku techniques who lives and works in Talog, West Wales. “I studied ceramics at UWIC from 1971-’74 with the emphasis on thrown domestic ware, gas fired. This was to be my primary focus for the following twenty years but I changed from gas to wood firing after about ten years. Around 1990 I became interested in raku firing but mainly as a teaching aid with a view to involving students in a manageable firing process. My interest in raku hasn’t diminished and is on-going but I use many forms of firing or smoking to create the desired effect. This has lead me down many roads of exploration, many futile but always exciting. I first tried primitive firing whilst teaching students from UWIC on a course in France and came across the primitive clay by chance; we had some stunning results. This has enticed me to experiment with clay bodies aimed at primitive firing and although there has been a certain amount of success I foresee a long journey ahead!”

Date: October 17, 2020