John Bennett (PhD Symposium)

‘I am a Ceramicist reaching the conclusion of my Masters in Ceramics with Cardiff Metropolitan University, CSAD. Relatively new to the medium, I have developed a deep passion for clay. This passion has led to another fledging practice, a fusion of ceramics and poetry: Poamics. My practice researches the vocabulary and narratives contained in both shard and verse, its aim: to enrich present conversation in Ceramic materiality.’


I work on the potter’s wheel, viewing it as a metaphor for life and solar rotations. The interface between the act of throwing and a mindful flow state tests the creative exchange between material and maker, a fusion of haptic form, sounds, the body and movement. With the syllables of sound, I shape, tare, turn and assimilate shards into larger vessels, crafting structures and rhythms that become sentence and verse. Through the use of the wheel, I enter into osculation between metaphor and haptic, taking the physical language of clay and examining its kinetic rhetoric. The aim of my research is to examine the intellectual value of ceramics, to find a way to decipher the qualities of sensual objects.

John Bennett 2

Date: June 17, 2019