Masakazu Kusakabe (JAPAN)

Masakazu Kusakabe

Masakazu Kusakabe is a renowned potter and kiln builder. He has been investigating methods of firing since the 1970s and at the Festival he will be demonstrating the making and firing of his ‘smokeless kiln’. ‘The smokeless kiln derives from an effort to achieve fast firings, with strong fire and ash effects on pots, while emitting almost no smoke at high fire temperatures. For me the kiln is a part of the universe. Inside is the big bang where bright firelight, galaxies, and stars (my pieces) are born. Firing is like the explosion of a volcano, and my pieces are like its lava rock. Pottery is like alchemy, we can create many jewels with clay, flames, and ash. I am the servant of a fire god.’

Date: October 18, 2020