Nina Hole (DENMARK)

Nina Hole

Hole is one of Denmark’s leading ceramic artists who builds large scale clay sculptures which act as their own kiln. At Aberystwyth, Nina Hole will be building a 2 metre high sculpture, ready for firing at the Festival weekend. “I have developed the concept of constructing large outdoor sculpture that contains all the elements of kiln, structure, form, firing and performance ,built and fired in situ. The sculpture is built on a base of firebricks which are placed so that they also serve as firing channels; the kiln itself comes into existence when the finished sculpture is wrapped up in a ceramic fibre blanket and then fired. Each fired sculpture is different due to the unknown, such as the elements, materials and the organizations involved. For me the peak moment is when we let the curtain of ceramic fibre fall and the sculpture is reveal in its glowing state… “

Date: October 18, 2020