Pete Bodenham and Carmarthen College Students (WALES)

Pete Boenham

Ceramics Tutor Peter Bodenham and Students from Carmarthen School of Creative Arts (Coleg Sir Gar) Ceramics & Jewellery department are building a new kiln at the college in preparation for the ICF 2013 festival. The kiln is partly constructed from castable refractory cement, refractory bricks and ceramic fibre. The kiln will be used as a gas fired soda kiln with the aim of exploring the efficiency of the build quality and firing. During the festival the kiln will be rebuilt to the same dimensions and similar design as Joe Finch’s new paper refractory clay kiln which will also be built by Joe at the festival. The kilns will be fired at the same time to research and compare the ease of build, cost of materials and fuel efficiency. Come and see the great ceramic bake off!