Tom Barnett (UK)

Tom Barnett

Tom Barnett will be presenting an exhilarating ‘performance kiln artwork’ created especially for the Festival: ‘[fire]Capsule is a process-led artwork conceived to overload the senses. At its core is the intense spectacle of an architectural capsule-like sculpture being fired as a kiln and unveiled at 1200ºC. This is constructed, fired, and eventually displayed on site. The hollow clay form, 7ft high and pierced by a door, will be wrapped in insulation fabric and fired with wood as a 24 hour event. Crucially this time period will be accompanied by highly evocative sound art together with symbolic imagery for public consumption. At the dramatic conclusion to this event the insulation material will be removed to reveal an amazing spectacle – the Capsule for a few moments glowing in searing orange white splendour – to then lose its life and cool.’

Date: October 18, 2020