Jean Nicolas Gérard (FRANCE)

Jean Nicolas G

Born in the Republic of the Congo, Jean Nicolas Gérard moved at the age of seven to France, where he has lived and worked since. He studied with Jean Biagini in Aix en Provence, and was familiar with Japanese techniques as well as American raku, but found his path when he discovered the delights of terre vernissée or slipware at Claire Bogino’s studio. ‘… terre vernissée is a traditional technique. I love its ability to bring joy into everyday life, on the kitchen table as well as in the garden…But I am also questioning this tradition. Today, terre vernissée is a living technique, bringing me emotions as intense as those that I get from contemporary painting or Asian ceramics which nurture me.’ Jean Nicolas will be demonstrating how he makes pots in series, both thrown and slab built; and also his methods of decoration.

Date: October 18, 2020